Sites Dedicated to Buckminster Fuller

The Buckminster Fuller Institute
Online Edition of A Fuller Explanation
The Bucky Fuller Travelling Miracle Medicine Show

Geodesic Dome Sites

2v Dome Sites
Step-by-step Photobook of a 2v Dome
The Nebraska Dome - 2v dome fabrication and setup. This site even has a section on eating
How to make a 2V newspaper dome
Cardboard Domes - MonkeyHouse Geodesics
Design and Implementation for a Geodesic Dome
Earl's 2v Dome
3v Dome Sites
24' 3v Dome - Includes pictures and step-by-step instructions
4v Dome Sites
Earl's Recharge Dome
Cardboard Domes
More Cardboard Domes - Step-by-step instructions
Concrete Domes
Dome of a Home - A concrete dome in Florida
Domes made out of alternative materials
Beezer's PlayDome Page - Tire Domes
General Dome Sites
Howard Cohen's Dome Deck Plans - Step by step instructions!
Jeff Deifik's Dome Plans - Step by step instructions to build 16ft and 24ft domes!
David Anderson's Monkey House Geodesics - David's site is back up, and moved to a new location!
Mathworld's Geodesic Page
Earl's Geodesic Domes - Has some really useful information on modifying dome geometry to allow for doors
Applied Synergetics Home Page
Hexayurts - Made with cardboard, and perfect for Burning Man!
Detail Plans for a Geodesic Dome Observatory
Geodesic Structures by Steve Miller - This site also includes plydomes
Geodesic Domes at Kibbutz Lotan
Links to geodesic and alternative building
René K. Müller's Extensive site that also covers other types of structures

Geodesic Dome Companies

Growing Domes - Conduit frame domes and trusted friend
Atomic Domes - Conduit frame domes with groovy covering options
Pacific Domes - Conduit frame domes with exquisite coverings
Professional Dome Plans
American Ingenuity Domes
Geodesics Unlimited
Monolithic Dome Institute

Math Sites

The Math Studio
Natural Math Multiplication

Burning Man

The Burning Man Project - Official Site
Black Rock Arts Foundation
Camp Roller Disco
Space Lounge - Has conduit dome plans online
Playa Hearth
Desert Structures - Bob Stahl's very informative site. A must see for Burning Man attendees
Burning Man Related Links

Earth Friendly Web Sites

Studio of Indigenous Designs
Recycled Tire Mats
Energy Efficient Building Association
Green Design Network
Woodwise - Help protect the world's forests
Sierra Solar Systems

Friends' Web Pages

Scott Bailey - Artist/Inventor/Cool Dude
Website Mechanics - Need a website?
Bradley Green


Cool Neon - The ONLY place to order flexible neon wire!
American Science and Surplus - Really cool catalog!
Edmund Scientific
Dirt Cheap Builder

Other Interesting Stuff

An excellent article about STEM resources provided by public libraries. - This link was submitted by a promising young student in Ms. Emily's class (Thanks Leslie!)
Friends of Black Rock High Rock
Hoberman Associates
The Crucible
Earth Circus
Dr. Megavolt
Survival Research Laboratories
Scott's Pepsi G-Stove - Make a stove out of aluminum cans!
Portable Rotary Phone - The latest innovation in cellular phone technology

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